Ningbo Power ( Joro ) Sanitary Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd was established in 2003. We begin as the manufacturer of HAND DRYER, and now we turn into a enterprise of two factories and one trading company.
We assembled a integrated team with product designers, technicians, marketing dedicated to our Self-Developed HAND DRYERS & SOAP DISPENSERS.
We establish long term sourcing relations and stable partnerships with over 200 companies and wholesalers from all over the world regularly special in EUROPEAN and AMERICAN market.
We provide professional and enthusiastic services on clients’ needs on inquiry of OEM, R&D and after-sales.


WHO(World Health Organization) suggests that everyone should frequently clean your hands with alcohol-based sanitizer or wash them with water and soap. Good hand hygiene can prevent the spreading of the virus. In the process of washing hands, “drying hands” is the step that people often ignore ,which is important for effective hand hygiene.


Towel, may will transfer the germ from hands to the towel; If high traffic area, it will result in cross infection easily.

Option2. Wipe with disponsbale paper towel

It is the most common way for hand drying , but it ignores critical issues:

  • how to deal with the used towels with a large amount of pathogen to ensure that the cleaning, sanitation workers not infected is a big issue?
  • how to ensure the toilet paper dry in warm and moist environment which is a breeding ground for germs?
  • We cannot control the production process, and how to ensure that the towel paper is clear enough?
  • Resource-wasting, not environmental-friendly
Option3. Drying hands with hand dryer

Hand dryer is not the common way people use to dry hands, but actually it has the below benefits.
-Hygiene: No need to touch it to avoid any possibilities of  cross infection. The high speed hand dryer can help to dry your hands even between the fingers and under nails. The HEPA in the hand dryer can prevent the bacteria going into the dryer to ensure the wind come out from the dryer is clean.

-Convenience: You don’t need to touch or operate the machine, and just need to put your hands into the induction area and wait seconds to dry your hands automatically.

Environmental-friendly: As we all know that the paper towels cannot be recycled, image how many trees are wasted in 1 second if everyone drys hands with paper towel. While it is just as little as 2-4 watt hours the hand dryers cost per dry.


POWER owns a quality control laboratory with the most advanced technological resources due to their commitment to quality, which can meet the strictest approval requirements. Quality control is carried out at all stages of the production process, with each product unit being reviewed independently and uninterruptedly. POWER has certificated by SEDEX and ISO9001.