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ISO9001:2015, Sedex Certification and ISSA member. 

Who We Are

Ningbo power(joro) sanitary electrical appliance co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of hand dryers and soap dispenser with nearly 20 years of production experience. We have obtained ISO9001 and Sedex certification. Our products are reliable in quality and durable and have obtained CE and Rohs product certificates.

Ningbo power(joro) sanitary electrical appliance co.,ltd hand dryer factory

Hot Products

  1. Fast drying with 10-15s;
  2. Wind temperature adjustable, warm air in winter and cool in summer.
  1. Usually use brush motor
  2. Compact construction
  3. High speed
  4. Drying hands by strong wind
  1. Usually use brushless motor
  2. Big size
  3. Very strong wind Drying
  4. hands by strong wind
  1. Wind temperature adjustable, hot in winter and cool in summer
  2. With a tank to collect the water from hands

Hand dryer

restaurant Single-side jet hand dryer

Applicable place

Our hand dryers have a wide range of applications that can cover every public place.

  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Restaurant
  • School
  • Shopping mall
  • Airport


Before leaving the factory, we will randomly select hand dryers for performance testing. After statistics, the usage times of various models are approximate:

Hand dryer with brush motor: almost 200000 times;

Hand dryer with brushless motor: In an ideal environment, unlimited use

hand dryer Test before shipment

Soap dispenser

LCD display; dispensing time adjustable; wall-mounted and/or desktop.

Foam/ Liquid/ Sanitizer ;wall-mounted; Power supply: AC or Battery

304 Stainless steel; mirror/matt finish; durable;  different capacity for choice

Professional R&D team

POWER realized how important it is for the factory to have an R&D team. We are actively looking for a team of excellent designers to help our company develop new products.

After multi-party cooperation, research and development, we have developed several soap dispensers with patented appearance.


hand dryer and soap dispenser Professional R&D team

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Professional Service Team

Customize LOGO ect.

Assembly & Packing

Warehousing & Logistics

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