Automatic jet

hand dryer

By Ningbo POWER

Restroom pollutants

HEPA Filter

PW-70-3 hand dryer

HEPA filter, Easy to change every six months.

Automatic hand dryer

Why choose us

We OEM and supply to many big and famous companies for hand dryer all over the world.

We use antibacterial & nonflammable ABS-121 not normal ABS. We use an Integrated circuit board with Advanced digital signal processing ( reject rate is about 1/300), other suppliers’ is with analogue signal processing (reject rate is about 1/100).

colour options

Temperature sensor: heater works automatically when temperature ≤20℃, and stops when above 20℃.

Control system: Other factories use contactors to control working current, while we use untouched switch Control, which makes working life longer.

The warranty of our brushless motor is 5 years, the warranty of our brushed motor is 2 years.

Sensor: We use German infrared sensors, more sensitive&accurate.

Heater: Non-combustible PTC heater, safe.

Our Quality

Strong protect system to make sure it’s 100% safe.

– Self protection-To prevent overusing the unit, it stops after 30 seconds continue working.

– Current protection-If the current is overrun, the unit will stop working until the malfunction is eliminated.

– Temperature protection- If any key part is not in good condition because of the high temperature around, the unit will stop working until the malfunction is eliminated.

– Electromotor protection- If the electromotor or the fans can’t work because of sundries, the control system will stop working until the malfunction is eliminated

– Short circuits protection-The control system will stop working once the short circuit happens.

Every hand dryer made by POWER would be tested for 4 hours Before shipment.

hand dryer Test before shipment

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