Handrail installation tips

Handrail installation tips

  • Handrails 0.85 m high shall be installed on both sides of ramps, steps and stairs;When setting two handrails, the height of the lower handrail shall be 0.65m.
  • The extension of handrails at the starting and ending points shall be greater than or equal to 0.30m.
  • Handrail end should turn inward to metope, or extend 0.10 m downward.Balustrade type handrail should become arc downward or outspread secure to the ground.
  • The distance between the inner side of handrail and the wall shall be 40 ~ 50mm;
  • The armrest that installs in metope holds a piece to should be L form, the total height of armrest and hold a piece advisable is 70~80 mm

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