When you are going to purchase a automatic hand dryer and see there are a variety of hand dryers laying on the shelf, you may get a headache on how to choose a proper one. As a manufacture for producing and selling auto hand dryers for long time, we think that it would be better to look throught the table below carefully before you enter the wall mount hand dryer purchasing journey, which will help you make a better decision. Believe us, it means a lot!

Hot air hand dryerSingle-side jet hand dryerDouble-side jet hand dryer
Feature 1) compact construction
2) low speed, hot air
3) drying hands by hot air
1) Usually use brushed motor
2) compact construction
3) high speed
4) drying hands by strong wind
1) usually use brushless motor
2) Big size
3) Very strong wind
4) Drying hands by strong wind
Advantage1) low noise
2) economical and cheap
1) fast drying with 10-15s
2) wind temperature adjustable, warm air in winter and cool in summer
1) Fast drying with 7-10s,high speed
2) wind temperature adjustable, hot in winter and cool in summer
3) with a tank to collect the water from hands
Disadvantage 1) Drops of water
2) Drying time longer
3) High power Consumption
1) Relatively short using life(2 years)
2) Drops of water
1) Brushless motor with long working life
2) Big size
Technology data 1) Blower power<50W
2) Wind speed<30m/s
3) Heating power >1500W
1) Blower power 500-600W
2) Wind speed<100m/s
3) Heating power >700-800W
4) If below 25℃, it will heat automatically
1) Blower power 600-800W
2) Heating power 800-1000W
3) If below 25℃, it will heat automatically
Comprehensive evaluation1) High Power Consumption
2) inefficiency
3) good for warm hands
4) no practical value
1) Power saving
2) Efficiency
3) Good for the place with middle traffic (such as office building, restaurant, small shopping mall…)
1) Power saving
2) Efficiency
3) Good for the place with high traffic (such as station, wharf, airport, shopping mall…)
4) Good for the place where frequent hand washing required (such as food factory, pharmaceutical factory,
electronics factory, lab…)

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Restroom hand dryers

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