Single-side jet hand dryer

Good for the place with high traffic.Good for the place often sterilize and clean.

Feature: Usually, use brushed motor; Compact construction; High speed; Drying hands by strong wind.

Advantage: Fast drying with 10-15s; Wind temperature adjustable, warm air in winter and cool in summer.

Technology data: Blower power 500-600W; Wind speed<100m/s; Heating power >700-800W; If below 25℃, it will heat automatically.



PW-A Infrared sensor single-side jet hand dryer​

Material:AISI 304 (Shell) /Flameresistant ABS (inner structure) Leakproofness:CR4305 Mounting Bracket&Srcew:AISI 304(Rust-Proof ) Filter: HEPA Filter


PW-B High speed single-side jet hand dryer​

• High Speed Motor with 10-15s drying time • CR4305 Leakproofness • High quality HEPA Filter with an efficiency of 99.50%

PW-C Wall-mounted automatic single-side jet hand dryer

• 1.2mm #304 stainless steel , stable and durable • Brand new outlet,easy to install and beautiful • Round outlet makes airow more concentrated • Heat system automatic on/off according to the ambient temperature • Power and working LED indicator, exclusive design

PW-D Conventional electric single-side jet hand dryer

High-speed airflow with 10-15s drying time • Digital circuit, infrared sensor with the great anti-interfere ability • With overtime protection • 360-degree revolving nozzle


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